170158_1851995018929_3505326_oWe are accepting performance/hunting reservations now for most of our upcoming litters. Please keep in mind that our breeding program focuses on producing high drive, loyal working goldens that are most appropriate for any Performance venue you choose.  We place most of our pups in working homes that either compete in more than one arena–field, agility, obedience, dock diving , tracking–or that work their dogs in hunting, search & rescue (SAR) or serious pet-assisted therapy. If you are interested in a performance or hunting puppy, please contact us via e-mail on our contact page.

As our puppies are born we raise them with a balanced mix of science, nature and experience. We seek to have as natural an upbringing as possible for our puppies while inserting important experiences at development-appropriate times. We provide as stimulating an environment as possible as the pups’ physical and mental development allows them to engage. We do not want to do too much too soon but we want to stretch and challenge the pups, both physically and mentally, as they grow.

We strongly believe that we can actually increase the size and complexity of our pups’ brains by the things we do with their dam before they are born (nutrition, Omega 3 fatty acid supplementation) and the pups themselves after birth. We do BioSensor exercises and offer unique scents before their eyes and ears open. We then increase the complexity of their environment once their eyes and ears open, they become more coordinated and their minds can handle problem-solving. We let them get themselves in and out of trouble, solving their own problems, while ensuring their safety. All of our efforts focus on making each pup the best that it can possibly be.

Mental Development and Stimulation

our pups are raised in our home to ensure their development includes the sounds, activities and smells of a typical home. Bio sensor exercises will start from 3-16 days.  We start engaging unique scents daily from 3-16 days. The introduction to game birds, with a very large puppy pen filled with opportunities for complex problem solving (toys, puppy pen) daily walks from 6 weeks on, training (conditioned to come, introduction to crates, regular car rides)Social Development our pups are raised in our home to ensure their development includes regular interaction with people free access between dam and pups till the pups go home interaction with other dogs socialization with people and childrene of all ages, sizes and shapes, before they go home Physical Development daily woods walks in either snow or grass from 6 weeks on,  a very large puppy pen filled with physical challenges–moving items, edges, agility equipment introduction with excellent nutritional foundation.